Aquarius loves flirting and playing seductive games. First Aquarius will learn the personality of the person to be seduced (from gestures, talking, fidgeting, movemements) then Aquarius will use innocent-looking remarks and questions that will reveal the weak points of the “prey” and when Aquarius thinks he/she has enough information about the other person, the attack begins…

Aquarius very rarely loses with the romantic encounters, but when it happens Aquarius will suffer very much. Then after a while Aquarius will look for other people to seduce and flirt with.
When Aquarius falls in love, it is a very strong love indeed.
Aquarius cannot stand jealosy and hates it when he/she is told what to do.

When Aquarius will find a mate who will not be jealous and respects his/her desire for independence, then Aquarius is the perfect partner as well and loves 100% without holding back.
Aquarius can also feel it when things are not doing well and will know something is not right even before real problems start.