Cancer values love very much because he/she is sentimantal, full of feelings. Rather interestingly, however, Cancer also manages to build a reality around themselves that is unshakable, particulraly if their interest so dictates.

Cancer craves romance and has deep feelings for most everything, can dreamily envision everlasting love.
The female cancer expects her boyfriend to court her for a long time.
The male Cancer is not after one-night stands, he enjoys the process of slow seduction, believing that that the hunt is more important than the prey.

When Cancer is in love, this love with time will strengthen and be paired with deep respect. Cancer needs attention and loves to play and always ready to flirt, but also prone to jealosy.

Do not give any reasons for the Cancer to become jealous as this will be a very serious matter and very diffculy to overcome.

Once ready to settle down, Cancer values family above all and his/her needs are secondary to the needs of the family and desires to have a peaful, loving home.