Guy Wants on His Woman

By Anna Lynn Sibal

Clothes make the man – or in our case, the woman. Contrary to what most of us think, guys do notice what we are wearing, and not just when it clings to the body or shows more than a bit of skin. If we are to ask our men to pick their five favorite outfits from our wardrobe, what do you think they would pick?

Most likely, they will go for the following pieces:

Jeans, tee and sneakers

    • . While our men do want us to take care of ourselves and pay attention to our personal appearance, they do not think it is necessary for us to be all dolled up all the time. From time to time, they would like to see a side of us who does not give a damn about how messy we look like as long as we are comfortable with what we are wearing. For them, this laid-back attitude is best represented by a jeans, T-shirt and sneakers ensemble.

A two-piece bikini. Two-piece bikinis are so commonplace in the beach during summer nowadays that it is ridiculous. However, it is not because our boyfriends want us to strut with our bare bums on the sand. Most of them actually do not feel comfortable at seeing other men checking us out with our skin barely covered by our skimpy bathing suits. What they want is for us to carry ourselves confidently with such an outfit regardless of our body’s imperfections.

White jeans. When going to casual parties or events that do not require us to wear something dressy, or when just hanging out, it is quite common to see the other girls wear the same tired blue jeans. Sometimes, it can get boring. In such a crowd, a girl wearing white jeans can become an instant standout among a crowd of girls wearing the blues. Most men get a feeling of pride at seeing their women being such standouts and not being self-conscious about it.

The little black dress with stilettos. There are so many reasons why every woman should have a little black dress in her wardrobe. He may not admit it, but for a man, seeing his woman in her little black dress and her feet in stilettos not only means elegance and sophistication. Such an outfit makes a woman look sexy, aggressive and in control. A guy might never ever tell his woman this, but he does want her to be the boss every once in a while.

Red ribbon thongs and a matching bustier. Speaking of sexy outfits, men will never ever consider sexy lingerie overrated, and this ensemble is probably one of the sexiest ever. The fact that it is red, the color of fire and passion, can drive him wild. It is an instant turn-on and a guy would appreciate it if his woman would try to seduce him with such an outfit every once in a while. Do not be surprised if he just rips the whole thing off.