Intimacy Tips

By Anna Lynn Sibal

Many times, when you think that the fire has gone out of your relationship, if you would look more closely you would see that the embers are still there. All you need to do is breathe life into these embers to get the fire burning again.

Of course the question would be: How should you revive the cooling flame of a romance? There are many ways to do it, and one of the best is spending an intimate evening with just the two of you. If you want a successful – and fruitful – evening with your best beloved, here are a few pointers you can keep in mind.

Check your schedules

    • . Plan ahead and pick a day when you can conveniently have this intimate evening with your partner. Make sure it is a night when you are both free and you would not be doing anything important and stressful on the following day. It would be better if you could schedule it on a Friday. The idea is for the two of you to be able to reconnect each other without any worries clouding your minds.

Alone means just the two of you. If the two of you have kids at home, call up a babysitter so you could get them off your hands for one night. Better yet, herd them off to a sleepover party with their friends elsewhere, or have them spend the night at their grandparents’ place. Intimate evenings are meant to be spent between you and your partner alone. There will be other days that can be spent with the kids.

Center on what he/she likes. Certainly your partner has some personal favorites, like a favorite dish, a favorite brand of wine, a favorite scent. Prepare your partner’s favorite dishes for dinner and pair it with a choice selection of favorite wines. Plan to wear something that he/she particularly likes you to wear, down to the shoes and the scent. Set the meal in his/her favorite room in the house and plan to spend most of the evening there.

The atmosphere matters. Since you are going to spend the evening in his/her favorite room, you might as well set it up to create a romantic atmosphere. Play some soft music for easy listening while you eat dinner and talk. Do not turn on the lights during the entire evening; instead, light up the whole room with scented candles. Scented candles stimulate the aura of romance in the air.

Surprise him/her with a gift. The gift does not have to be something expensive. it could be a CD of his/her favorite artist, or a book that he/she has always wanted to have. Such act of thoughtfulness will show him/her that you are still into what his/her interests are.

Slowly does it. The idea for having this intimate evening together is for the two of you to just revel in the presence of each other. It would make the two of you remember just why you fell in love with each other in the first place. Hold hands and look at each other in the eye. Do some slow dancing just to enjoy the feel of your partner’s body close to your own.

In the course of our busy lives, we tend to forget why we have chosen to make the commitment to spend our days with the one person whom we love. An intimate evening such as this will help us remember why.