Leo looks at love as a big adventure, so he/she likes challenges and wants to have a partner that seems very difficult to get, who has many great qualities and some mystery. Also, Leo like surprises and a little unpredictability in love.

Leo likes relationships where he/she has to fight for it, and the harder the fight, the more rewarding the outcome will be!

Leo will not fall in love with a person who doesn’t value themselves, who are not confident and Leo values beauty and charm.

Leo will shower his/her love with attention, with warm emotion and respect. However, if another potential perfect partner appears on the horizon, Leo will start chasing this new prey paying attention less and less to the old partner.

Leo has other traits such as jealosy, the need to dominate too much – and this may lead to frictions.

If you ever have been loved by a Leo, chances are you will never forget it because of the deep passion that love entails for them. This may be hard to find with other partners later…