Libra can fall in love easily, and once in love, Libra is very deeply in love indeed. It is extremely hard for a Libra to get over a love relationship and Libra will almost never break a relationship.

If Libra finds a prtner who can reciprocate her/his love, then this will become a serious lifetime commitment full of loyalty and passion.
However, if a relationship is not based on mutual love, Libra will eventually leave.

Libra doesn’t like it when he/she is blackmailed through his/her feelings. Libra can be moody and can easily be offended, but really enjoys geting to know the partner and asking their opinion on many things.
Do not mention your opinion about Libra without thinking about it because they can be easily upset.

If Libra falls in love, this makes her/him very happy and free because Libra needs love very much. If love doesn’t work out, Libra will suffer very visibly and openly admitting it. At the same time, it is easy to get him/her back.

For the Libra, marriage and mutual love are most important and both partners should strive to make this happen. Libra truly loves to have children and showers them with affection and teachings about life.