Lipstick And Love

Show Me Your Lisptick And I will Tell You What Lover You Are

1. You only use natural lipgloss, or nothing at all.

Although you seem quite restrained at first, if circumstances arise, you can become a passionate lover.
You enjoy to pamper your partner as much as you do yourself.
Tip: You do not need long foreplays all the time. Surprise your partner with some vibrant red lipstick and head for the bed …

2. You love colors and you use many different kinds

You most likely are a fashionable person who likes to stay vibrant, young and restless.
You do not need to be reminded to visit the sexstore with your partner once in a while. Why would you? You have quite a collection of toys already … whether single or not.
Tip: Sometimes you need to get back to basics: romantic, candle-lit dinners and nice long conversations can also enhance the mood which you then can enact in the bedroom.
Tip 2: The missionary position will never go out of style.

3. You only like red lipstick

You are very feminine, you value both your inner and outer self. You expect more from men, although you are able to give a lot as well.
Lovemaking is exciting, passionate and bloodwarming for you.
Tip: Relax a bit, do not strive for perfection all the time. Learn some tantric love, which will provide more pleasure and also more peaceful quiteness in your life.

4. You like orange, brown and earthy colors

You tend to be very rational and analytic who likes simple solutions to problems. You may be conservative in your love life, and at times you may find lovemaking a bit boring, less exciting.
You can easily become stuck in the routines of your life.
Tip: You should visit a good intimate store near you and get some nice toys that catch you fancy.

5. You like dark lipstick colors, black, dark burgundy, dark brown

You are a wild, passionate type who can be very sensitive emotionally. You are intelligent with deep feelings.
You may feel sometimes that you want to keep men away from you, perhaps because of a past bad experience.
If you let a partner close to you, however, they will see that you are in fact a very colorul person, full with surprises and changing moods and desires.
Tip: Lighten up. Let the sun shine in your life more often. Go out to a natural setting and let your endorphins wash over you.