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Reading Love Match Charts

By Anna Lynn Sibal

If you want a detailed analysis of whether or not the stars have fated you to be in love with the person you are currently with for the rest of your life and if marriage is a really good idea for you, you can consult an astrologer. The astrologer can draw up a love match chart that will really show you just how compatible you and your lover are.

How does the astrologer determine whether or not your current love affair is a short-term one or one that will last a lifetime? How will a love match chart show the astrologer, or even you, how your love affair will run? In order to create a love match chart, the astrologer would first draw up your birth chart and the birth chart of the person you are seeing.

So you would have an accurate birth chart, you would have to tell your astrologer your birth date, the time of your birth if you know it, and the city in which you were born. You would also need to give the astrologer the same information about your lover.

There are five things that an astrologer would look at when examining your love match chart. These five things are:

1. The sun sign Ė more commonly known as the zodiac sign.

2. The ascendant sign Ė the sign that is rising in the east at a personís time of birth

3. The midheaven Ė the point that rises 90 degrees from the horizon; also called the 10th house, which influences goals and aspirations

4. The 5th house Ė the house that rules over romance

5. The 7th house Ė the house that rules over marriage and partnerships

Basically, the astrologer will measure the angle by which your sun and ascendant signs relate to your loverís own sun and ascendant signs. The two of you will be deemed compatible if your love match chart indicates the following information.

    1. Your sun sign is the same as your loverís ascendant sign, or your ascendant sign is the same as your loverís sun sign. This means your relationship will be in perfect harmony because you will completely understand each other.

    2. Your sun sign is directly opposite your loverís ascendant sign, or your ascendant sign is directly opposite your loverís sun sign. By directly opposite, we mean that they are 180 degrees from each other. The two opposites attract and they will greatly complement each other.

    3. Your sun sign is in your loverís midheaven, or your loverís sun sign is in your midheaven. This means you have the same goals and wishes in life.

    4. Your sun sign is in the cusp of your loverís 7th house. This indicates that the two of you are meant to be married. But if your sun sign is not in your loverís 5th house, it could mean that there would not be a lot of romance in the marriage.

    5. Your sun sign is in the cusp of your loverís 5th house. This shows that your relationship will be full of romance. However, if your sun sign is not in the cusp of your loverís 7th house, the relationship is not meant to evolve into a marriage or a long-term partnership.

Looking at your love match chart is not the end-all and be-all of the fate of a relationship. If you really want your relationship to last, it is not enough that you rely on what the stars tell you. You have to put a lot of effort to make sure that the relationship really lasts.

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