Love Online

Meeting eligible singles is a life quest for a lot of unattached folks out there. Whether one is in this search just to find a partner for a weekend holiday or to find someone to marry and build a life with, one can find every place he or she goes to as a potential hunting ground. Unsurprisingly, the Internet is one huge and thriving hunting ground.

The idea of singles searching for love online is no longer unheard of. Online dating websites are still a big thing on the Internet today, but the search for love on the Internet is not limited to just these websites. There are people who post personal ads on Craigslist and hope that other users would respond to their ads. There are people who flock to online forums and chat rooms to meet other people and hopefully form friendships and relationships with them. Even multiplayer online games are not spared from this. There are known cases of people ending up married in real life after meeting in an MMORPG and spending time playing together. Finding love online is a real possibility now.

Why Find Love Online?

There are many reasons why more and more people are turning to the Internet to find love. One common reason is that they are too busy to do the usual rounds of singles bars and hangouts just to find partners. Another common reason is that they are already sick and tired of exerting the effort to do these rounds.

One reason that prevails, however, is that finding love online is more comfortable than doing the usual singles rounds. For one, a person does not have to leave the coziness of his or her home to do it. All he or she needs to do is to sit in front of his or her computer and log on to the Internet. For another, the supposed anonymity presented by the Internet to its users can give a person a sense of security, that they can be who they really are and still be accepted by the others making up his or her online community.

Is It Real?

The huge downside to this anonymity is that one can never know for sure if the person on the other computer is as real as he or she says. A man can present himself to be tall, dark, handsome, and in his 40s when in reality he is just a high school nerd making fun of the middle-aged single mom that he is dating online. And because this anonymity can lull an Internet user into a false sense of security, he or she can reveal information that can be used against him or her later on, including social security numbers, credit card account numbers and other financial information.

Fortunately, technology related to the Internet has developed in such a way that people can now do voice chatting and talking via webcams online. This minimizes the danger of misrepresentation on the Internet. Users nonetheless should take precaution and to never reveal vital financial information and passwords to the people they are dating online.

Crossing Over

The sweetest thing about finding love online is when the two people involved decide to meet in person. It can be a most awaited event, especially when they have been going steady and intensely online for some time now.

But even then, caution is needed. Even though one has been dating the other online for a long time, one can still not be sure if it is the real deal. So, the first meeting should always be in a public place, where the setting is neutral and there are points where one could escape if he or she smells danger in the air.

A coffeeshop at the mall is one good neutral place. If the liking they had for each other online has managed to cross over to real life, they can go for dinner or something else later on. If not, then it would be a safe place to just leave without looking back.

It is possible to find love online, and it is more comfortable and less pressured than going through the usual singles routine. The love one can find online can be the real deal. Caution, nonetheless, should be exercised. As much as it is possible to find love online, deception is also a reality on the Internet.