Love Rituals

Keeping the love alive and fresh between a couple has a lot to do with the two of them doing special things together. These special things that we can call love rituals binds the two people making up the couple together, making them relate to each other on different levels and understand each other further.

Despite what you may be thinking, love rituals do not have to involve sex all the time. It is just a special routine that we may employ with our significant others so we can keep the connection with them going strong.

How do we form love rituals? Here are a few tips.

Look for repetitions

    • . We may not realize it at first but maybe we already have a love ritual going with our sweetie. It could be the special way we say “goodnight” to each other before going to bed, or saying “good morning” when we wake up, or maybe the habit of spending 15 minutes drinking coffee together in the morning before going to work. These repetitive activities may not seem to be much but perhaps they have come to mean something important to the two of you. Having these activities that you do every day of the week can become something to look forward to.

Doing something crazy … and doing it again. Having some fun and laughter together does a lot in keeping the relationship going strong between a couple, and what better way is there to achieving it other than doing something crazy and unexpected? It could be playing a game of tag in the rain or scaring each other witless by watching one horror movie after another throughout the night. The two of you can also dress up in something weird and then act out a silly skit before a camera. If you feel up to it, you can post your finished product on YouTube.

Doing something you both enjoy together. Of course, nothing beats finding common ground between the two of you. If you both like a particular hobby or pastime, the two of you will never be bored talking about it and doing it together. Boredom is the bane of relationships. Once one of you starts getting bored, the breakup is sure to be around the corner. Think of the things you both like doing and go do it together. It could be a game of badminton or swimming. Maybe the two of you both like computer games, except that he is into first-person shooter games while you are into role-playing. In that case, find a game that blends both worlds.

Create your special codes. Talking in a language that only the two of you can understand can be truly amazing. It instantly puts you and your sweetie in a different level over other people, as if there are no other people in this world but the two of you. The two of you can get away with talking dirty in public without the other people around you realizing just what you are talking about. It can be a really thrilling experience