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Love and Elements Match

By Lynn Lopez

The twelve signs of the zodiac all fall under certain elements, which characterize their behavior and personality. Earth signs, for example, are practical, realistic, and, indeed, down-to-earth. Fire signs symbolize will, enthusiasm, and great energy. Air signs lean more towards thoughts, so the people born under this sign tend to quite analytical, while water signs represent emotions and intuition. Here is how the zodiac signs are categorized according to their elements.

    Earth: Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo
    Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
    Fire: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries
    Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

All three signs in each category have qualities of their own, and they can either be a cardinal sign, the fixed sign, or the mutable sign. The cardinal sign reflects qualities of being a goal-oriented leader, the fixed sign is stable, while the mutable sign is more flexible and adaptable.

So how do the signs get along with each other? Here’s a quick rundown of what the signs can expect from one another when they meet.

Earth and air: The earth represents balance and stability while the air deals more with free-thinking and ideas. The air sign provides earth a chance to fly free every once in a while and the earth sign keeps air grounded and makes sure that any plans can come to life.

Earth and earth: Here is one truly powerful partnership which can do a great job of building their future and fortune, but both must remember how to relax and enjoy life together.

Earth and fire: Earth is the perfect foil for fire’s frequent bursts of inspiration. While fire is full of dreams and ideas, earth can definitely make a way to turn these into reality, as well as help fire stay realistic.

Earth and water: This is another match that changes and develops the parties involved. While water can soften earth by helping it get in touch with emotions, the earth can do its part by showing water a more pragmatic way of thinking.

Air and air: A pair of air signs is a guarantee that the union will be a true meeting of the minds and promises to flourish through an open and honest exchange of thoughts.

Air and fire: These two can definitely make sparks fly. They complement each other by making sure that their energy and ideas combine to bring about their plans in life.

Air and water: A very strong emotional connection will keep these two together, and make a great team by being able to fuse the powers of both the heart and mind. Water will allow air to be more emotionally expressive while air can show water how to express ideas.

Water and fire: Fire can help water bubble up and be more active while water lends some calmness to the fire element. Beware that one element should overpower the other, however.

Water and water: Two emotionally aware signs can only make for a truly deep bond.

Fire and fire: Two fire signs coming together can be very exciting indeed. This is bound to be an adventurous combination, but two dominant wills can also be in danger of fizzing out, so they must learn to strike the proper balance.

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