Love Spells

By Ana Lorenzo

Sometimes true love needs a little help. If your love life is going nowhere and you want to try to perk it up, why not cast some love spells?
Even if you don’t believe that your love spell will work, you will be sure to feel for positive and hopeful about your love life after you cast a love spell. If it does work then get ready to meet your true love.
Here are a couple of love spells that you can try:

The first spell is one that you can to do increase your sex appeal or boost your charisma. You will need a small handheld mirror, three candles, rose oil and patchouli incense.
Choose a color depending on what you want to project. Choose red if you want to heighten your sex appeal. Silver will make you the center of attention and help your to project charisma. Orange will help you boost your attractiveness and likeability.
Now wait for a night when there is a full moon. Find a quiet place outdoors. Light the candles and the incense. Take off your clothes and put rose oil on the parts of your body that you would like to change. If you want a full-body makeover, then put rose oil on your forehead, breast bone, in the middle of your stomach, on each wrist and behind each knee. Pass the mirror through the incense smoke then hold it over your head so that the reflective part paces the moon.
Recite this chant:

    • Wood and Wind, Ember and Mist


    • Grant your blessed child’s wish


    • Sacred Mother charge this mirror


    • Let your light make beauty clearer


    • Wrap it in your gentle glow


    So that tis all it ever shows.

Then lower the mirror until you can look into it. Imagine how you would like to look and how you want to be seen by others. Try to visualize the reaction from other people that you want to elicit.
Then recite the following couplet:

    • As a blossom in your glade


    Let my beauty never fade.

Use the mirror to shine the moonlight onto the parts of your body that you would like to make more pleasing to look out. Then wrap the mirror in a dark cloth and put it in a safe place. If the mirror breaks then your spell will likewise be broken. Put out the candles and let the incense burn out.

Before a big date, you can once again put rose oil on your body. Look into a mirror for ten minutes. Think about what you find attractive about yourself and what you want others to see as they gaze at you.

To attract new love, you can also cast a white candle spell.
Get a white candle that will burn down quickly such as a birthday candle. The make an altar and decorate it with things that are special to you and the one you love. Get a rose thorn from a white thorn bush and inscribe all my love come to me three times on the candle. Then put the candle in the center of the altar. Light it. While the candle burns, look at it and imagine your lover coming to you. Save the candle puddle along with the mementos from the altar. Wait for true love.