Pisces needs love and is in love with love. Pisces dreams and fatasizes about love and wishes to be seduced, hopes to find the perfect partner and spends a long time playing out love scenarios.
When Pisces realizes something is happening to his/her heart, Pisces wants to explore this futher, but is afraid to make the first move. When the first step is over, Pisces will shower his/her mate with plenty of love.

It is important that Pisces finds a partner who is understanding and who is not very outgoing. Pisces loves to be alone many times, doesn’t like big parties, and wishes for quiet times, reading listening to music, spending time with art…
So the ideal partner for the Pisces is someone who is kind, who can participate in a little fantasy, but at the same time who know that reality is important.

Pisces is very easily misled even by the simplest fake smile and can fall in love very easily indeed. At the same time, it is hard for the Pisces to stop a relationship.