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Romance Horoscopes

Can Astrology Help You Find "The One"?

By Honeyleth O. Firmalo

Astrology is one of the most ancient doctrines that still flourish today. It began with the ancient Greeks, some 3,000 years ago, who believed that the position of the sun and the planets in the sky could somehow affect peopleís lives as well as the future.

In the past, the stars and other heavenly bodies became a sort of compass, which farmers consulted to determine whether it was time for planting or harvesting. They were also the nomadís guide when traveling from one place to another.

Modern-day Astrology

Astrology has affected the modern generation as well. Many people in search of mates have consulted their horoscopes for the attributes that they need to look for in someone with whom they can share a future.

Of course, you cannot base your choice for a soul mate mainly on your astrological signs. Factors like morals, family interaction or relationship, intellectual maturity, educational background and financial stability are some of the things that a person that a person naturally looks for in a potential partner.

Romance Horoscopes

There is nothing wrong if you consider what romance horoscopes indicate. The twelve signs of the zodiac represent different types of personalities. A planet or a heavenly body governs each of the signs of the zodiac. For instance, Leo is ruled by the Sun, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, Aries is ruled by Mars, and so on. Astrologists believe that the different planets correspond to different kinds of love so that each person has facets that represent strengths, weaknesses, gifts, and demons bases on the relationships of the planets in their natal charts.

Compatibility between Signs

Some astrologers agree that a relationship among people with different zodiac signs should have a balance of strengths and weaknesses. Soul mates complement each other, which mean each partner fills what the other lacks. Parallelism in the planet alignments, time of birth, and other aspects do not guarantee a perfect union. In other words, people who are too similar are not necessarily compatible.

Each sign of the zodiac corresponds to a set of personalities. For instance, people born from June 22 to July 22 are Cancerians. People born under Cancer tend to be strongly emotional. They are gentle-hearted, faithful, loyal, and sensitive.

According to the zodiac, Cancer's best match is Taurus. People born under Taurus (April 21-May 21) tend to be reliable, patient, loving, and warm-hearted. They are also determined and security loving.

People born from July 23 to August 21 are Leos. They tend to be creative, faithful, and loving. They are also warmhearted, generous, and broad-minded. The best match for Leos is someone born under Aries (March 21 to April 20), who is headstrong and has a very intense personality.

By contrast, the worst possible match for Leos are Virgos (August 22 to September 23), who tend to be harsh, overcritical, fussy, and conservative.

Following Your Heart

There is still no substitute for feelings and intuition. If you feel attracted to someone, do not despair if your signs do not match. Do not blame the stars if the relationship does not work out, either. Use the horoscopes as your guide to help you develop your positive traits and overcome your negative attributes so you can become perfect for your perfect match.

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