Sagittarius perceives love as something very natural so it is very easy to seduce a Sagittarius who will fall in love quickly. However, keeping a Sagittarius in love is so much more difficult.
When Sagittarius sees someone as the perfect partner, he/she will immediately start the pursuit, but if he/she later finds weaknesses in this person, then Sagittarius will most likely move on.

If Sagittarius is in love, her/his partner should not expect Sagittarius to express this love in many words.
Sagittarius will fall in love quickly but hates it when he/she told what to do. On the other hand, nice leading and nice words will achieve a lot more.
Sagittarius loves to have long talks while holding hands, talking about sentimental and spiritual topics and the finish off the day with hot lovemaking.

Sagittarius likes to say what he/she thinks right away and this can lead to problems at times. However, Sagittarius will not easily understand how he/she could hurt somone by telling them the staright truth…
So a little understanding will go a long way.