Signs of Man in Love

These are common questions that women oftentimes find themselves asking when they are in a relationship. Men are not very expressive with their own feelings – usually out of fear of losing their strong, masculine image. Moreover, it seems that they are scared of blurting out those three little words that we women seem to want to hear all the time.

But it is certainly something that we women need to know. So, just how can we find out if the man we are seeing is in love with us? Here are five sure signs that a man is in love with a woman.

1. He always wants to spend time with her. When a man is in love with a woman, he would move heaven and earth to spend time with her. He would show up at her office at noontime to take her out to lunch. He would make plans for a weekend activity that would include only her. He would show up at her doorstep at midnight just because he could not sleep and he felt like seeing her. He would make up all sorts of excuses just to be with her.

2. She is always in his mind. A woman would not be able to read a man’s mind, but it is certainly obvious if she is in her man’s mind. He always calls her to see if she is doing okay. He would send her silly text messages about nothing in particular. When calling and text messaging is not possible, he would send her emails or even postcards.

3. He cannot seem to stop touching her. A man in love often could not bear to not touch the woman he loves. This does not exclusively mean that he wants to do nothing else but sleep with her. It is more like he could not keep himself from touching her arm, touching her hair, putting an arm around her shoulders, placing his hand on her knee, and most of all, sitting close to her. The fact that the woman he loves is near enough to touch is important to them.

4. He introduces her to his friends and his family. A huge sign that a man is in love with a woman is if he introduces her to his buddies and to his family, especially his parents. It shows that he is including her in his life, that he wants it very much for her to be a part of it.

5. He often talks about the future. The last sign that would tell a woman that a man is in love with her is when he openly talks about his plans for the future with her. This is most true when the plans he talks about include marriage and raising a family. This is probably the strongest sign that a man is in love with a woman.

If a woman is ever in doubt about whether or not her man is in love with her, all she ever needs to do is to look out for these five signs. If he shows these signs and they are all directed towards her, then he is definitely in love with her.