Sun Sign Lovers

By Anna Lynn Sibal

So the love of your life ditched you. He claimed that the differences between the two of you are totally irreconcilable, and deep in your heart, you know it to be true. The breakup is hurting you, nonetheless.

How do you get over the heartache of losing him?
The answer is simple: Let the sun sign lovers guide help you.

Aries. You are one lucky gal. You are born with the natural inclination to just go on with your life and move on. Just follow that inclination and get your life back into full swing. The best way for you to deal with your breakup is to go out with your girlfriends, meet new people and have fun. Keep everything casual, though. You may not be ready to commit to a new relationship, no matter how impatient you may be to have a new love in your life.

Taurus. You tend to be set in your ways, so any changes may be devastating for you, like this breakup. But you have to make the conscious effort to move on even if it is hard to do so. You have to find your bearings again and make a fresh start with your life. Try to avoid anything and everything that has to do with your old life with your ex so you would not fall into the trap of falling back into your old ways and be depressed about it.

Gemini. You need to be busy, but you have to be busy with the right things. It is easy to get distracted about anything just to forget about the pain of heartbreak, but perhaps what is keeping you busy is hurting you more than it is helping you. Focus your energy on your friends and family, the people who can give you support through this trying time. See them and talk to them on a regular basis.

Cancer. It is hard to be left alone and it is easy to fall into self-pity. But instead of doing that, what you need to do is to whip your life into shape and to start relying mostly on yourself. It is okay to seek help from others but try not to depend on them too much or force them to fill in the role that your ex used to have in your life.

Leo. The recent separation may have left you feeling unbalanced, as if you are missing half of yourself. That is normal. It is also in your nature to feel prideful and refuse to recognize your loss, but you have to resist this. You may find it easy to move on with your life, but do not close your heart to finding a new love.

Virgo. It would not be difficult for you to start moving on after your love has left you because of your practical nature. This is very good for you. Just listen to your gut instincts and you will be fine.

Libra. The breakup may have been a little too much on you, and your first impulse is probably to replace the old guy as soon as possible. Do not give in to this impulse. Instead, try to focus on getting your life back and try to enjoy being alone, with your friends and family for company. It will do your heart good, no matter how frustrating it may feel.

Scorpio. It is in your nature to want to be loved and to be in a relationship. You find that you cannot function without it, and you should not fight that. It is perfectly okay to want to start over with a new guy, but take your time. No matter how much you need to be in an intimate relationship, do not rush it. Just go slow.

Sagittarius. Your first impulse when a relationship ends is probably to distance yourself from other people. It is okay to do it to heal your heart and people will respect you for it. However, do not take too long in this and do not close your heart to new possible loves. Make an effort to meet new people and see what or who you will find.

Capricorn. You will be fine after the breakup. You are a resilient person, practical to the core, and you know that there is life after the heartbreak. You will not find it hard to move on at all. What you should avoid, however, is getting frustrated with the people around you who may be gushing about your own loss. They can be irritating but just remember that they care for you.

Aquarius. It may be a shock for you at first to find yourself alone after the breakup, but you have always been a person of logic rather than emotion, so you would not find it difficult to pick up the pieces of your life and move on. What could help you get through the breakup is to get involved in as many social activities as your time permits you. Give yourself time to heal but make yourself available as well if you want to find a new love.

Pisces. Practicality may not be your best trait and the recent breakup may have left you and your life in tatters. Do not let this emotional crisis break you down. Use your head and think of ways to get over the loss. Seek help among your friends and your family. You can do it.

Sun signs lovers have joy, happiness, but also heartaches at times