Taurus can flame up the feelings with her/his tenderness, with a candle-lit supper full of romantic atmosphere.
Taurus is not the type do things in haste and this applies to romance as well. Taurus likes to gather all the information about the other person and only make the move if satisfied that all is well.
And then give it her/his best…

Taurus likes the nice peaceful life and there is only one partner for whom he/she will all the love. Taurus is not a dreamy type, but very romantic and interesting. Although sentimental, Taurus likes to take charge, enjoy life and grab opportunities.

Taurus values the physical love and lovemaking and thus will go to lenghts when it comes to seducing ther partner with romantic encounters filled with details that will ignite the flame of love heigher and heigher…

Aries has to know that the flame of love burns strongly in her/his partner, as well. If the partner does not reciprocate in love, Aries can almost immediately forget about the partner and the time spent together and move on.